Advanced Botox and Filler Course 2

Advanced Botox and Filler Course 2

What will be covered in this course:

Assessing, evaluating, and treatment planning the patient for advanced botulinum toxin of upper and lower facial muscles and the neck

Learn how to achieve desirable eyebrow lines through eyebrow lifting and sculpting Platysma bands treatment with botulinum toxin for down-turned oral commissures and turkey neck

Achieving outstanding results treating the tricky under eye and tear trough area with micro botulinum toxin treatment

Learn how to smooth “bunny lines” and upper lip lines The most esthetic anatomically based midface volumization and cheek enhancements Anatomical lip sculpting using Russian lip enhancement technique and vermillion borders Refining your botulinum toxin skills for precision full face and jaw sculpting TMJ area Treatment of “gummy smiles”

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